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With the Youtube editing tools you can easily set up a video annotation with a link that goes to your website, but what if you want to link an annotation to a social media page like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or another social media website? Before we can create a redirect link from our website, we first need to setup the Youtube channel with the associated website.

Add associated website

Go to and login to your channel. On the top right of the page click on your avatar icon and click on Creator studio.

In the left sidebar click on Channel and then on Advanced to go to the advanced settings page. On this page you can link your channel associated website. Click on the Add button, after that the page saves the setting. Now click on the blue verify link below it.

Creator studioAdvanced channel settingsVerify associated website

Verify associated website

Follow the steps on this page. Download the HTML file and upload it to the root folder of your website, then tick the “I’m not a robot” box and click on Verify.

When your website if verified, it should show up as the image below¬†with a green dot to the right of it saying “Success” next to it.

Verification HTML fileSuccessfully added associated channel website

Now you use video link annotations that go to your website.


Setting up the redirect (script)

If you want to use for example, make a new folder in your website root folder named “facebook”. In this make a .php file with Notepad for example. Just make sure you save the file as “index.php” and place the file in the newly created “facebook” folder. Now copy and paste the code below to this file and save it in your folder and replace my with the link that you want the annotation link to redirect to. The link below for example redirect the user to my Facebook page (
Manual redirect script

<?php header("location:"); ?>

Now if the user clicks on the link that page will redirect the user to


Setting up the redirect (WordPress)

If you have a WordPress website, these links are a little more manageable by installing a plugin called Pretty Link Lite. After installing and activating the Pretty Link Lite plugin, click on the Pretty Link settings in the WordPress meu to the left. Now click on Add a pretty Link to add your link. In the Add Link screen, in the Target URL field type in the URL where you want you wat to send the user to, and type in link at Pretty Link for the link that you want to use for the Youtube video annotation link and click on Create to save the Pretty Link.

Pretty link lite settingsAdd pretty linkSet up Pretty Link

Basically this means that if a user clicks on the Pretty Link they will be send to the Target URL. So we can use the Pretty Link as a video annotation link on Youtube.

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  • I have 2 youtube accounts. I want to redirect one of my Urls on account 1 in youtube to an Url on account 2 in youtube (both accounts are mine). How do I do that? The Redirect URL field is gone in the advanced menu?

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