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Menu icons

Menu items are all good, but what if you want to use an icon in front, after or even replace the text in that menu item with it?

There is a very easy and simple plugin which let’s you do just that.

Menu icons

This is an example of the icons showing up in the menu bar.


Menu Icons plugin

The menu icons plugin is a plugin I’ve used for several WordPress websites in the past and is a plugin I’ve used for this very website.

After installing and activating the plugin, simply add the links you want to your menu. You will notice some extra options when editing a link in your menu now.

Simply click on the blue Select link under the link settings, select your icon and click on Select. And don’t forget to click on Save Menu afterward to save the changes.

Menu icons settingsIcon selection screen

On the icon selection screen you can change the positioning, the size and choose to hide the label. Hiding the label will hide the text in the menu item.


Additional icons, add image option

For additional options, you can tick the boxes in the Menu Icons settings in the Menu editing screen and don’t forget to save the changes. Selecting the Image option also let’s you select an image instead of an icon. The additional options now show up in the left sidebar of the icon selection screen.

Additional icons and Image optionAdditional icons settings

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