Custom Youtube video annotation redirect links

With the Youtube editing tools you can easily set up a video annotation with a link that goes to your website, but what if you want to link an annotation to a social media page like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or another social media website? Before we can create a redirect link from our website, we first[…]

Setup Google analytics in WordPress

WordPress is nice and easy and all set up a good looking website, but it doesn’t keep track of all the traffic that comes to your website. And this is where something like Google Analytics, it allows you to track all sorts of data when it comes to people coming to your website and let’s you[…]

Video Game Database CMS

The Video Game Database CMS is a personal project i’ve been working on during holidays mostly over the last 2 years or so, and already went through two re-design states. The first two times i wasn’t really happy with the design. In those two years that i’ve been working on this, i’ve learned a lot[…]


Onomkeer was the first real website i made before starting my Media Development study. Back then i really didn’t had a lot of knowledge yet about HTML or CSS, so during this process i was learning a lot about those two coding languages. For example on the landing page the Enter Site button brought a little interactivity to the[…]